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The Spares Archive is a gallery of each and every Spare or Show model produced throughout early 2014 and onward; whether you are new to all things Julip and are browsing to familiarize yourself with the broad selection of moulds and colours currently available, or a veteran hobbyist looking for inspiration for a new addition to your current stable family, the Spares Archive is undoubtedly a valuable resource.

Please remember, if you would like to purchase any of the listed spares featured from a previous batch, you can always order a duplicate Portrait Model by simply contacting us directly. Make sure to quote the Julips name and batch number (e.g: Grey American Quarter Horse. Batch #0 01/01/2014) and mention any alterations or customizations you may or may not want; we will always strive to produce a Julip that meets your request as closely as possible.

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