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Established in 1945, Julip Originals is a UK based company that produces an extensive range of 1/12th scale model horses, ponies, riders and more.
Julip Originals are latex-cast and wire framed, allowing their legs to be adjusted and retain a pose; crafted, painted and haired entirely by hand, Julip Originals
have been collected and cherished by generations of model enthusiasts.

Founded in 1945, Julip was initially among several likeminded companies producing cast-latex models during the early 1950s and onwards throughout the late 1960s; however while these early competitors have since ceased using this method of production or have closed entirely, Julip persevered, continuing to produce latex models by hand to meet each individual customers specification to the present day. The method of crafting each model has not changed during those 69 years.Plaster moulds are created from an initial sculpted master model. Into the mould is placed and formed a latex coated wire frame. Natural (non-synthetic) liquid latex is then slowly poured into the mould, with any excess being decanted periodically to prevent the model from casting solid; this is to avoid the model from becoming unreasonably heavy and causing an excessively long dry time. Once the cast has been removed from the plaster mould, it is tightly packed with organic stuffing and the additional flashing is removed by a rotary buffer. The model is then base-coated, painted and haired. This entire process is done by hand and can take four to six weeks from start to finish depending on the complexity of the order. This method of production from the original master moulds, processes, materials and in some cases even suppliers has remained unchanged since the company’s founding.For further details please visit the Wikipedia page.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are Julip horses suitable for children?
A: Despite Julip horses being produced originally as toys, due to European safely regulations and the nature of the materials and processes used in the models production they can no longer be sold to children under the age of fourteen.
  • Q: What does the Julip Originals range include?
A: The Julip Originals range consists of an extensive selection of Horses, Ponies, Yearlings, Foals, Donkeys, Donkey Foals, Adult and Child Riders, Cats, Dogs and Doves as well as Tack, Rugs and Accessories. To view the range and previously produced models, simply visit the Spare Archive.
  • Q: How long does a Julip horse take to produce?
A: A Julip Original can take anywhere between four to six weeks depending on the complexity of the order; this can range from extensive customization such as modifying the neck or adding feathering, to simply creating an intricately  painted model. Due to the time intensive nature of the production we strive to keep customers actively informed throughout.
  • Q: Are Julip Originals sold by any retailers or stockists?
A: At this current time Julip Originals are only available through the official website or secondary market. However limited runs of exclusive models are periodically produced for third party live shows, exhibitions and competitions. These are announced through the website, forum, Facebook and Twitter prior to their launch. 
  • Q: What is the difference between Julip Originals and Julip Horse of the Year (HOTY) products?
A: There are several considerable differences between Julip Originals and Julip Horse of the Year models: Julip Originals are produced entirely by hand, they are latex-cast, haired with mohair and poseable. Julip Horse of the Year models are mass produced, plastic-cast, haired with nylon and are not poseable. 

Please note: Despite sharing a history and the Julip brand name, as of late September 2013 Julip Originals has fallen under different ownership to Julip Horses ltd (producers of the HotY models) and as a result is now for all intents and purposes an entirely separate company. We do not take any responsibility for any services offered or products produced by Julip Horse ltd and vice versa; neither party has the authority to make any commitment on behalf of the other. 

If you have any questions regarding the terms outlined here, please do not hesitate to contact us at
You can find further details about Julip Horse of the Year products and stockists on the Julip Horses Offical Website.