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Purchasing a Julip couldn’t be more straightforward or flexible, whether you are placing an order for a custom model or by purchasing a Spare from the J-Club Community Forum Spares for Sales page simply follow the instructions listed below.

What is a Custom Model?

A Custom Model is a Julip that is produced specifically to meet the details of your request. There are two types of Custom Models available for order: Portrait and Special. To order a Custom Model simply contact us directly using the details below. Each order will be checked thoroughly, if there is any aspect of the order that you are unsure of please do not hesitate to ask; the process of producing a Custom Julip can take several weeks and we strive to keep you actively informed via email throughout.

What is a Portrait Model?

A Portrait Model is a Julip produced specifically to match a photo or drawing of your favorite equine.

Whether it is a photo of your own horse, pony or foal, an illustration plucked from the internet or a previously produced Julip, we will endeavor to accurately match it!
Please note that you will only be prompted for payment once your Julip has been completed and you are satisfied with the final result.

What is a Special Model?

A Special Model is a Julips produced to your specification; you choose everything from the mould used to the smallest of details.

If you are unsure about the selection of colours, markings or moulds currently available, trot over to the Spares Archive to see the broad selection of previously produced models.

To place a Custom Order simply contact us:

Phone: 01344 777788 | Email:

What is a Spare Model?
A Spare Model is a Julip horse that has not been produced to a particular order. Batches of Spares are posted for sale approximately every four to six week on the J-Club Community Forum Spares for Sales page; the time and date of these releases are always announced via Facebook, Twitter and on the homepage at least a week in advance.
To purchase a Julip horse from the forum, you must first register. After you have a user account, it is simply a matter of posting a ‘buy’ comment below the model you are intending to purchase; we will then contact you through a personal message to arrange payment and postage. These models are sold on a first come first served basis and can be hotly contested; you have to be quick on the mouse! Please remember that Spares from previous batches are always able to be ordered as a Portrait Model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately regardless of whether you are purchasing a Custom Order or a Spare, we are only able to accept payment through Paypal, personal cheque or postal orders at this time. We do not currently accept card payment.
Absolutely! However, postage costs and delivery time will be dependent on the region; if you are an overseas customer please enquire before purchase to determine the exact cost of delivery. Parcels sent overseas will always be sent tracked and signed for.
Of course! We are always happy to meet members of the Julip community but please be sure to contact us prior to your visit by either phone or email so that a suitable time can be arranged.
The current inland delivery charge is as follows (please remember that this is potentially subject to change depending on royal mail postal charges) . - Horses, Ponies, Donkeys: £6.00 - Foals, Yearlings & Riders: £4.50 - Dogs, Cats & Doves: £2.75. All packages are sent first class and signed for and dispatched within three days. We will gladly combine postage on multiple purchases.
The basic charge of each model currently stands at - Horse: £64.50. Heavy Horse £69.50. Pony & Donkey: £62.50. Clydesdale Foal: £37.50. Yearling: £34.50. Donkey Foal: £29.50. Foal: £24.50. Riders: £39.50. Cats, Dogs & Foxes: £7.50. Doves, Pheasants & Chickens: £5.00. Rabbits & Guinea Pigs: 4.00. When ordering a Portrait or Special model there is an additional £5.00 charge; customization (such as feathering, wired necks, dropping heads) also carries a £5.00 extra charge.